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We shall overcome.

Expect Us.


They tell you from the time your a little child, Up until right about the time your about to graduate from middle school, that ANYTHING is possible. Which should be the truth and nothing but the truth, however, somewhere along the lines it starts to blurr and become something of a nice thought. That anything is possible so long as you get a job. WTF! A big WTF right. You dont need a job to live, things have only become so fucked up that now we believe we have to work in order to live. Thats got to be one of the biggest LIES ever told. BUT, thank the sun that anything is possible so long as you have a working brain. Please reblog and share with your friends and family this video is outside most peoples comfort boxes. But its ALL GOOD. THINK FREE, BE FREE.


& what Occupy is for is to learn to COOPERATE rather than COMPETE. Nurture Cooperation & collaboration: Fuck Competition. Working within the current system we can move forwards towards some of the (rather idealistic) notions presented in th’s h’r video, ye kennit?